And so it begins!  Let’s see how this goes, shall we?

Season 3

In the UK, the first episode was an hour long (ish). For the US airing, PBS combined the 1st and 2nd episodes into a 1:52:00 premier. Due to recording/saving issues with the first episode, I compared the version of the US show that PBS has on their video site rather than my DVR’d copy.  I’m not 100% sure if the version on the site is the same as what aired on TV. I’m going to assume so, but either way, the future episode comparisons are compared between the UK airings that I downloaded and the US versions that I have saved on my DVR.

Episode One – it begins!

  • Other than the combining of two episodes, there really weren’t any changes between Ep1&2(UK) and Ep1(US).  The only thing that was different was that the US versions had shorter passages between scenes, they seemed to cut some extra transition moments in order to save time.

Episode Two

  • Episode 2 in the US is actually the UK episode 3. This one had several dialogue changes. The US version had lots of extra bits of scenes and dialogues added. Felt like the extra dialogue was to add some extra detail and do a little bit of foreshadowing.  Total runtime for US – 60:00.  For UK – 47:28.

Extended into to bedroom scene (7:57). Anna has a plan to help Bates and apparently has let Mary know that she needs to go to London.  Anna is dressing Mary and Matthew is in the room.

  • Mary: ..and it can’t wait until after the wedding?
  • <close up on sad Anna face>
  • Mary: I’m sorry, of course, you must go.
  • Anna: <finishes getting Mary put together> Right, I think that’s everything.
  • Mary: Shall we go down?

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

Extended into into a kitchen scene at 10:06 with Daisy and Alfred.

  • Daisy: Alfred, do you ever think about that miss Reed, what was maid to her ladyship’s mother?
  • Alfred: I don’t know, sometimes.
  • Daisy: I couldn’t get over how outspoken she was, but you liked that, didn’t you?
  • Alfred: S’pose I did, it felt modern. She said what she felt even though she was a woman, I liked it.
  • Daisy: Maybe I should be more outspoken, and say what I think.

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

Dinner scene with Lord Grantham, Matthew, Tom, and Sir Anthony Strallan at 11:31.

  • Lord Grantham: I must say, it’s a relief to have some men in the family at last.
  • <awkward pause>
  • (side note: I love Lord G but sometimes he’s a total assface)

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

Extended end of same dining room scene at 12:46. Lord G and Strallan are walking through to meet the ladies, and are accosted by Edith in the hallway.

  • Edith: You will let us have five minutes on our own, papa, please.
  • Lord G: Very well, but don’t tell your grandmother.
  • <Lord G exits>
  • Edith: I couldn’t bear it if we spent the whole evening discussing hunting and whether or not the Marlboroughs are finally getting a divorce.
  • Strallan: No, no. Are they?
  • Edith: Yes.
  • Strallan: Ah. You know, I first met the Duchess of Marlborough at a ball of Lady Londonderry’s in ’96, just after she’d come over from America. She was the loveliest woman I’d ever set eyes on.  ‘Course, you weren’t even born, my darling.
  • Edith: I was, just not walking very well.
  • Strallan: And before long you’ll be wheeling me about when I can’t walk anymore.
  • Edith: Please understand, I don’t love you in spite of your need to be looked after. I love you because of it. I want you to be my life’s work.

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

Kitchen scene at 14:11.  Mrs Patmore is wearing (THE CUTEST) glasses and going through a recipe book.  Daisy walks in.

  • Mrs Patmore: Is Baked Alaska a bit ambitious for the dinner after the reception?
  • Daisy: How many will there be?
  • Mrs. Patmore: About forty I’d say, the rest will have gone home.
  • <Daisy looks all distracted>
  • Mrs. Patmore: What is it?
  • Daisy: Mr. Mason’s asked me to the farm.
  • Mrs. Patmore: Well there’s a wedding on, say you can go when things have settled down.  Now, come and sort out this benighted picnic.
  • <Daisy and Mrs. Patmore walk out>

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

Kitchen scene at 28:06. Daisy is setting food out on the kitchen table for Alfred to take upstairs to the family. Mrs. Patmore is bustling about.

  • Daisy: If they complain it’s dull, tell them it’s a miracle there’s cheese at all the day before a wedding.
  • Alfred: I’ll send for you and you can tell them, you said you wanted to be more outspoken.
  • Daisy: That’s not quite what I meant.
  • Mrs. Patmore: Alfred! Get that cheese up, come on.

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

Extended after-dinner scene (I missed the time).  Matthew and Mary are sitting in the parlor, separated from the others, discussing Reggie’s letter.

  • Mary: I think you have to read it.
  • Matthew: I don’t agree. It’s like when someone you love dies, you don’t look at them dead if you don’t want that image in your brain forever, because it will never leave you.
  • Mary: What about if I read it?
  • Matthew: I think I should burn the damn thing.
  • <Mary looks shocked.>

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

Lord Grantham’s dressing room at 33:05.  Thomas is dressing his lordship for the morning.

  • Lord G: Ah, I’ll change for the wedding after luncheon.
  • Thomas: Very good, m’lord.
  • Lord G: Did it surprise you when you heard that O’Brien might be on the move?
  • Thomas: Not really, m’lord, she’s always been a dark horse.
  • Lord G: It seems she’s changed her mind, but I daresay we’d recover if she went.
  • Thomas: Oh yes, it’d take a lot more than that to drive us out of Downton.

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

Extended into to downstairs scene at 35:33 as the staff gets ready to leave for the wedding.  Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Huges are continuing a conversation that was started off-camera.

  • Mrs. Patmore: …I don’t think so, one of the maids will supervise the oven and Alfred is staying to manage the wine.
  • Mrs. Hughes: It’s a shame they have to miss it.
  • Mrs. Patmore: Not really, they’ve not been here long enough to know Lady Edith.

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

Ethel’s place, 51:50.  Isobel Crawley is poking about outside and walks up to the door. At the door, she nearly runs into a man leaving the house. She knocks and Ethel answers the door.

  • Mrs. Crawley: Hello, Ethel.
  • Ethel: How did you find me?
  • Mrs. Crawley: I asked Mrs. Hughes. I would so like to help you. Please. Won’t you let me?
  • Ethel: You don’t understand, Mrs. Crawley, I didn’t come looking for help, not for myself, I’m past all that.
  • Mrs. Crawley: Why did you come?
  • <Baby noises can be heard coming from the house. Mrs Crawley looks shocked, Ethel looks ashamed.>
  • Ethel: I’ve got to go. Thanks for trying, mum, but there’s no point. It’s all up with me, I’m done.
  • <Ethel shuts the door in Mrs. Crawley’s face.>

[matches back up with UK version after this line]

And that’s it.  There weren’t any scenes in Episode 2(US) that were not included in Episode 3(UK).

Looking back, I had known that there were a few extra lines in some scenes, but I hadn’t realized how many.  Did they really add much to the story? Probably not, I mean, I didn’t have any trouble understanding what was going on or following the story only having seen the UK version, but it’s always nice to get some extra screen time with some of the characters. 🙂