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Now, how is that for an exciting title?  Yeah, sorry about that.  Not really a battle. Although that might be fun – could you imagine Lady Edith head to head with O’Brien?  That would be super, yeah? 

Anyway – no upstairs/downstairs battles here (not yet, anyway) – but instead, I wanted to take a look again at the UK and US airings of Downton Abbey.  I don’t remember when I got into Downton, I’m pretty sure it was during a marathon airing of Season 1 just before Season 2 started airing in the states. But, I was hooked.  In fact, about mid-way through the Season 2 airing in the states, I gave up on waiting for the next episode and just bought the Seasons 1&2 blurays from the PBS site. Yup, I’m a big dirty cheater.  Turns out though, there’s a bit of a downside to that tactic.  

Over the summer, I lent my mom the discs so that she could rewatch them before Season 3 started. Her friends had seen S2 when it aired on tv, so they were more familiar with the US version than I am.  According to what they remember – the US version had different dialogue and some differences in the character storylines.  Which seemed odd to me, I mean, I understand why the episode cutting may be different, to fit in with different airing times/lengths based on local television slots … but different dialogue? Seems odd.  And I didn’t really think anything of it til I watched a couple of the US airings of Season 3.  Since I’d already seen all of S3 from the UK airings (thank you, the internet!) I noticed right away that there were some conversations in the US version that I didn’t remember from the UK one. Weird, right?  And I would think that perhaps it was just me not remembering correctly, but I’ve watched the entirety of the UK version oh maybe seven times at least already (hey, it makes for a really good ‘stick on while you’re home alone to have something playing but you’re only kinda watching it because you’re doing the dishes or homework or sewing or something’ show) so I’m  pretty sure there’s a bunch different.

And of course, being the nerd that I am, the only really good way to make SURE that there’s a difference (and I need to make sure), is to rewatch the UK versions alongside the US versions and make note of what isn’t the same. 🙂

I wasn’t entirely sure that I’d be able to do the whole season though, because silly me didn’t save the US episode one on my DVR. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? 🙂  Thankfully, PBS has the 2 hour premier on their site (yay for PBS, my hero!) so I can take care of that right away.  

So yup, gonna do that. Should be fun. 🙂 Plus, it’s another excuse to watch the episodes again.  …not that I really NEEDED an excuse. But now I have one, just in case.