Damnit. Being on a diet sucks. And it isn’t even like, a REAL diet. More like just not going to sit at my desk and eat everything that isn’t tied down. Plus maybe no more eating an entire box of mac n cheese and an entire can of veggies for supper three nights a week. 😦

So I’ve upped my exercise regimen (from nothing to a little more than nothing) and am having slimfast shakes instead of fast food lunch and am going to try to have breakfast (less sugar instant oatmeal this week) at my desk and then have a soup or salad or something for supper.

The supper part isn’t that hard actually. The tough part is that I’m sitting at my desk and I just want to EAT EVERYTHING.  I’m not even HUNGRY (well okay I’m probably hungry, I’m hungry a LOT these days) but I just want to have something in my mouth ALL OF THE TIME (yes, you can giggle here, I did).

Probably that explains why I lost a bunch of weight back when I had my tongue pierced. Because I played with it all day. I think really it’s more of an oral fixation than actually wanting to eat anything. So I’ll keep my water bottle filled and I’ll use the one that has the straw so maybe that’ll help.


It isn’t even like I feel like I ought to lose a bunch of weight. I just have some pants (and a bathing suit thank you very much) that I really like that I bought for my post-plague-diet body that I don’t want to have to replace. 🙂


Nick says that he’s glad that he’s really busy now for a while because apparently when I try to not eat all the time I get cranky.



but it gives me a chance to bust out the old fatsecret.com account and write down everything that I eat/drink during the day. so that’s kind of fun.

although I don’t own a scale. perhaps I ought to get one.