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My bangs are in this weird in-between length where they aren’t really a teeny fringe, but aren’t long enough to roll up into a rockabilly faux bang either.  So I thought that tonight I would play around with what options I have as far as hair goes. 🙂  So I thought I’d move my part and see how that went.

Here’s how it went:

I have so much hair. I’m such a fuzzball.

Normally I run my part down the middle. Tonight I’ll try it more to the side and a bit angled.

I started with the smaller of the two sides. Just did a teeny little finger roll and pinned it.

Next I grabbed the larger half of the part to roll. I’d like to have done a full roll but went with a finger flip roll instead (to save my sanity).

Even with the finger flip roll, you can still get some height.

Here are the two rolls from the top.

Using a flower or a bow is helpful when hiding the ends of rolls.

You can see the flower peeking out under the larger roll.

In order to get the bangs to do something other than just lay there and look at me funny, I used the super skinny curling iron and about six gallons of hairspray.

Little flipped bang roll makes my forehead look about sixty miles tall.

Since I don’t have a hairnet or a snood or anything, typically in the back I’ll put my hair up in a ponytail. I thought it might be fun to hot roll it some and see how that came out.

I love my hot rollers so, so much.

… even when they make my neck all hot.

the big sausage-y curls are fun to play with

And so – finished!  Not super complicated, but good for a day running errands or work maybe.  Simple, but fun. 🙂