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*rawr* I so want this outfit. Maybe I’ll make (find) one for the 4th for next summer.

So, today is election day here in the ol’ US of A. And as always, the internet is ON FIRE with political and not-so-political news and nonsense.  I will say, this is not a political post. Or even an “I voted so should you” type of post.  Because it’s totally up to you if you voted, when you voted, and who you voted for. And as you may or may not know, my political leanings are so far to the side of completely effed up anyway that trust me you don’t want me ranting on about it. So I won’t.

But what I WILL say is that this is the first year that I have been registered to vote and actually voted since 1996. (I was registered in 2000 but didn’t actually vote.) And it was kind of fun. Sure I mean, it was really frustrating when they couldn’t find me, and then when they DID actually find me it took way too much work to really convince anybody that I really am who I am (I yam whats I yam, y’know?).  Plus it was a thousand degrees in there and it’s pinup Tuesday (more on that in a sec) which means layers which means WARM.  But after everything? Glad I did.

My polling place was at the school just around the corner from my house. So that made it really easy.  Plus people were nice and friendly and junk, so that was good too.

When you don’t have an official language, I guess you can just use whatever you want. Was rather hoping to have Klingon or Elvish included on our sign tho. #nerdlife

We didn’t get stickers, just a printed slip. I’d liked to have had a sticker. But then again, I’m *always* on the side of “more stickers”. 🙂

This guy was also sad about the lack of stickers. But he was excited enough about his tshirt to make up, I believe.

Anyway – since I had decided that it would be Pinup Tuesday, I figured I ought to make it a good one. 🙂  The original idea was to va-voom the hair, which normally requires hotrolling the night before, and then the morning of. I love my hot rollers. Unfortunately, due to an obnoxious combination of curls that fell and an alarm that didn’t go off, I had to forego the morning rolling and just throw on a headband. So no rolls today. Poo. Maybe I’ll try again later this week.

Today I wore the white Gia top (which is no longer on the PUG site, so here is the one for the beige) with the basic black pencil skirt.  Since it’s cold, paired it with some black tights and then pulled out an old Akira black jacket.  Not the most super of pinup looks, but more work-appropriate than I usually wear. So go me. 🙂

Oh how I love my hot rollers. 🙂

without the jacket

with the jacket

no rolls or curls or anything 😦

And as a quick update, plans for attending the Very Vintage Day Out in New Zealand are still underway.  Haven’t booked yet, I have a meeting next week at DePaul to discuss continuing (finally finishing) school and I want to make sure that the times will actually all work together first. Course, if they don’t, I plan on MAKING THEM. But still. 🙂

Also I’m finding more things to see and do.  For example, in Hamilton, there’s a classic car museum that is supposed to open in December. So hopefully I’ll get to see that too.  Plus I’ve been facebook-introduced to one of the lovelies that runs Rita Sue, which I adore, so hopefully that’ll be something else that’ll work out well while I’m out to visit.