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I know that my obsession for vintage and pinup things aren’t always all that visible, but trust me, it’s always there. Mostly just lurking in my Google Reader every day, taunting me with all of the great things that I could be doing/wearing/being. And I eat it up. Yes, yes I do.

So imagine my total excitement to see something pop up in my reader about the Very Vintage Day Out. After watching the promo video I decided that this is something that I WILL ATTEND in 2013. OH YES THIS IS HAPPENING. I mean, there’s a pinup girl pageant contest and people selling things and musicians and burlesque and the list just goes on and on and on….

Here is the video

…. and then I found out where it is.
New Zealand.
(Nothing against NZ – how can you hate on the home of the kakapos? Because they are just OMG ADORABLE. But it really IS a bit of a hike for a vintage day fair.)

Only… now it’s too late. I’m already in love with the idea of going to this thing. So I have to make this happen.

….. I would like to point out that I would totally love to have something like this in Chicago. I would SO attend that kind of thing. (if there is one and I’m just too clueless to know about it, if anybody would like to point it out before mocking me mercilessly, that would rule. then feel free to proceed with the mocking.) I’m not organized/proactive/connected enough to get started putting something like this together for here if there isn’t one, but if anybody out there would ever want to do this – I WOULD TOTALLY HELP YOU. 🙂

So back to my crazy adventure idea:

The plan is to leave Chicago on April 9. With the horrible time difference that would mean that I’d arrive in Auckland on Thursday the 11th. That would give me a day to play around & get used to the horrible time difference and then be ready to go to the event on the 13th. Then I figured I’d stick around til Tuesday (so fun to type!) the 16th. With the horrible time difference that would mean that I’d arrive back in Chicago also on the 16th. So that could work. I mean, I get all this vacation time that I nearly NEVER use (other than on random one-off staycations) and I have a passport that still has a few years on it, so why not take advantage?
…. did I mention the horrible time difference?

So, that’ll mean that I’ll have 2.5 days to sightsee before I take off. Hrm. Maybe that’s not enough days really. Balls. Okay maybe I’ll stay til Friday. then I’ll have the weekend to recover (cuz I am a DELICATE FLOWER, damnit) before going back to work. I’ll have to think about that.

Although I guess I ought to see what else there is in the area. OH! I could totally book a shoot with Miss T Pinups while I’m there. I said that I wanted to get a pinup photoshoot for my birthday anyway. And I know I could do that while I’m in Chicago – but this might be fun too! Okay. Will keep that in mind as well.

Crap. I’m gonna be a tourist. Oh well, at least I (kinda) speak the language. Enough to get by at least, yeah? 😉
Anybody wanna come with me?? I would love a travel buddy!

Of course, I decide to do this on the same day also that I book time to meet with the SNL folks at DePaul in order to get the rest of my degree sorted. If I DO end up with classes during that time, will have to figure that one out. But then again, the flight is like twenty seven hours long anyway so that’ll give me a good day full of uninterrupted homework doing time.

Yeah – this is going to be fun. I needed an idea for an adventure!

also ….

HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THEM? Fattest most adorable little birds EVER.