It’s been a couple of years since the great plague of 2011 that landed me in the ER (twice) because I’m an idiot about being sick.  The upside to having pneumonia (twice) is that if you can’t eat, then apparently you lose 20 pounds. Which is kind of a nice side effect.  Only, now it’s starting to come back. Ick.  And while I’m not totally against having that extra layer of me to fight against the cold (winter is coming, you know) – I’m not super stoked about the idea of having to pull those old pants out of the  back of the closet (the one time that never throwing anything away ever – fat pants).

So, I guess it’s time to shut up and do something about it.  Time to pull out the Zumba DVDs.

And ….. gasp…. time for the running again. And since I finally cancelled that gym membership that I never ever hardly used … gotta run OUTSIDE. (yuck)  But seems like just getting off the bus a few extra stops early every day to walk a couple blocks home isn’t cutting it anymore.  But since my ipod touch finally died again and I’m just not in the mood to replace it (cheap & lazy) I suppose I’ll see if my 1st generation ipod shuffle still works. 🙂

remember these?

And then once I can actually get around like a human again, then I’m going to learn to speed skate.  And roller derby.  But totally gonna start with Derby Lite (and no, not just because Nick is totally convinced that I would kill myself). 🙂

So that’s the plan for the fall/winter months.  Normally at this point is when I’d start taking bets to see how long any of it actually lasts … but I’m going to try really hard to NOT shoot myself in the foot before even getting started.  This attempt and being in somewhat better shape is going to have a way lower percentage of snark included. Probably I’ll have to remind myself that it’s actually me and not some weird pod-person.