So, after lots of time whining about how I have horrible taste in music, or how I want to buy a turntable and just don’t have the stones for it – I totally sucked it up and did.


So, the journey took me up to Lakeview (you know, cuz it’s just SO FAR AWAY) onto Belmont and in to Saturday Audio Exchange.  It really was just to stop in and see what was what.  Had no idea that it would turn into a two hour music and physics lesson.  Which was fantastic. And everyone was so nice.  That’s always a good thing because I’m annoyingly shy most of the time.

So yeah – now I have a turntable, and a receiver (yay, radio!) and some cute little speakers.

What I got:

A Pioneer PL 1120 turntable


A Pioneer SX-3400 AM FM Stereo Receiver

A Grado green cartridge

A pair of PolkAudio speakers (not sure which ones, little & cute)


Also I’ve been listening to a lot of XRT lately. I forgot how much I enjoy that radio station. 🙂

The next part of the plan is to build up the album collection a bit. I’ll be working on that from now til like, forever.


I can foresee too that this winter will consist of many days of me snuggled under the knitted blanket (if I ever get it done) reading with a glass of wine and the record player going. Because that’s what I do now. 🙂  Also because cold is stupid and anything you can do to not be cold is awesome.

Also, there is apparently a running conversation to decide whether I am more a hipster or a trixie. Although I’m not sure that you could be both. (not sure if I would be both or neither. I vote neither on principle, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot)