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Well so September was a success – managed to average one PUG item each week (yay!).  But then comes the not-so-great-part about my timing for this – Chicago fall/winter weather. Because let’s face it, the pinup looks that you can get on PinupGirl Clothing are awesome, but they aren’t exactly designed with midwestern-weather in mind.

There are a few tops that work, such as the Aurelie top that I’m wearing right now – but weather appropriate wear is in short supply.  Sure, one solution would be to move to California (or New Zealand, because like 3/4 of the retro/pinup sites I love seem to be based there – is there something that I’m missing with it comes to the other side of the globe? must remember to check that out) – but I don’t really see that happening any time soon.

I figure this means that I have two alternatives – put the pinup challenge on hold til the springtime, or find some winterish alternatives.

Probably will do a bit of a combination of both.

So really, what do pinup girls wear in the winter?