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As we all know, I am very much not an audiophile. I have atrocious taste in music and no stereo/surround sound/anything.  (course, I live in an apartment the size of a Volkswagen so I suppose THAT part doesn’t really matter) I mean, I listen to my Spotify/Last.fm accounts on a pair of usb speakers that plug into my laptop. Yes. This is probably the lamest thing anybody has read all day. I get it.

Somewhere along the way when it came to music and such, I got all lazy. I wasn’t always like that, honest.  I mean, come on.  This is the girl who based her relationships on taste in music and who could help her to fix her car stereo. (Yeah, part of me really is that shallow.)

BUT ANYWAY.  There was a time when I actually put time and effort into what I was listening to and how I did it.  And learned from other people.  And I’ve lost that. And it makes me crazy.

Not that I want to be a total audiophile or anything. Cuz, no.  But I could sit and listen to people talk about bands and music and who they’ve seen and who they like to listen to for hours. Actually, I DO do that. I’m an amazingly good listener. You’d never guess it probably, but I am. 🙂  (sometimes I actually DO shut up)  So I’ve been working on the best ways to expand what I’ve been listening to.  Because, how many times can a girl see the Offspring play in her lifetime?  … the answer to that is 27, in case you were wondering.  The Toasters? 36.  Dropkick Murphys? 10.

So, I’ve been working my way through several different stations trying to find a way to expand what I’ve been listening to.  And it seems to be working (mostly).  First, one of the CHIRP djs played ‘your love is the smallest doll’ from Agent Ribbons. And I loved it.  Which then led to me listening to their full discography. Which was awesome. And so then I started working through the whole Antenna Farm Records catalog. So great.  Plus Agent Ribbons is playing a show at the Empty Bottle this month, so for sure I’ll be there.  (actually I have an extra ticket for that show if anybody wants to come with me – tuesday 10/23 at like 930 I think)

Next, for date night I took advantage of winning a pair of Ben Folds Five tickets from CHIRP (see? they’re so awesome) and had a chance to catch the opening act, Kate Miller-Heidke.  Super. And from there I’ve been listening to a spotify station based on her music. Which has had some really interesting results.

And you know, I’m having fun with it.  So that’s a good thing (gee thanks, martha).

Now I just have to work on upgrading my place to be conducive to an audio environment.  So I’ve been doing some reading. And a little more reading. And some window shopping.   And I raided my tattoo fund to repurpose it  to a turntable fund.

[note: that does actually make me kind of sad. i’ve been looking forward to the new tattoo for a while now, but have decided that perhaps it’ll make a better hey-its-my-birthday gift instead, yeah? plus… it’s about to be cold. i’ll be more out of the records in the cold than the half-sleeve tattoo.  it certainly isn’t because i’m starting to get too old for tattoos. CUZ I AM NOT]

I have visions of my reading corner in my apartment becoming a comfy snuggly place to curl up on a chair, wrapped in a blanket, with some hot drinks and a book and something fun to listen to.  While looking out over a white blanketed city skyline. Because that isn’t all kinds of over-romanticizing my life or anything. 🙂

Anywho – that’s the plan for now.  Keep finding new music to listen to and eventually find something to listen to it ON.  As always, I am open to any and all suggestions, and am looking forward to the adventure.

Also, somebody buy me this:

Yes, because I think it’s pretty.