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Hey now. Winning free tickets to see Ben Folds Five totally counts as a date. I take what I can get, people. 🙂


It worked out really well, because I haven’t had a chance to wear this dress out yet, and given the fact that now it’s getting to be fall out, this is one of my last chances to pull it out before it goes hibernating.

Plus since it’s a Sunday, that gave me plenty of time to experiment with looks. And I haven’t gotten a chance to do that in a while. Can’t help it – I totally love getting all girly and shit every so often.

I did some tease-and-reveal on Saturday – here’s a sneak at the dress and the shoes:

The dress I’m wearing is not currently available on the PinupGirl Clothing website, but here it is in jade.

The Sandra dress

She’s so pretty.

But I decided to have a little bit of fun with it. Here’s what I did:

Tried to get a good shot of my makeup job before I got dressed. I need to get a bigger flower.

Here it is all done!

Obligatory mirror shot #1

Obligatory mirror shot #2

AND THEN – sometimes you get home from the Ben Folds Five show (more on that later) and feel a little silly.  And when THAT happens, you get a picture that looks like this:

Because sometimes, you just cannot help yourself.

(also yes, I need to make my bed.)

So yeah, the show!  First of all – many, many thanks to CHIRP Radio for making the night possible. Totally got free tickets from them. GREAT seats, btw. So fun!

We got there about midway through the opening act, Kate Miller-Heidke.  I wasn’t sure about her at first, but by the end of her set, decided that I liked her and want to buy her albums.  The merch line was ridiculous though, so I’ll probably end up just buying her stuff from her online store.

And then Ben Folds Five. Holy Crap.  I always really like their shows, but I REALLY liked this one. (although admittedly, I think I say that after every show.)  The set list was pretty great (below) and of course I went totally ballistic over Landed. That’s my absolute favorite BFF songs, and probably one of my favorite overall songs. I actually taught myself a simplified version of the piano part, I like it that much. 🙂

The setlist:

(I can’t remember where I found the setlist, obviously I did not keep track of every song. Too busy fangirling.)

Overall, a suburb night. I give it 4.5 stars.  Has a snappy beat, would play again.