Since last week was such an epic fail as far as the pinup challenge goes, that means that this week we’ll have to have two outfits. I’m sure that I can handle that. (well, I’m not SURE, but I’m kinda sure)

Today’s outfit started out kind of rough, because what I thought were tights in my drawer were not tights, but a tank top. No, I’m not really sure how I mistook a tank top for tights, but I did. I must have been half asleep or something. Yeah, that’s it. HALF ASLEEP.

Anyway, so I had to swap the grey tights for white thigh highs, which I totally hate with this skirt. But I wore ’em anyway. BAD PLAN. You’d think that I would own a slip. However, I do NOT own a slip. And this skirt was totally made for a slip if you’re gonna wear any kind of hose underneath. Course, I figured that out halfway down the block to the bus when I looked down and realized that my skirt had decided to take a road trip right up the fun lane. Bastard, it didn’t even buy me dinner first!

So once I got to the office I declared a mulligan and took off the white socks. I didn’t take a new picture though, so that’s what’s up with that.

So here’s what I went with:

Pay no attention to the white legs, they’ve been replaced with my own brand of pasty white goodness.

Ooooh ankle shot! (naughty)

Also known as the infinity myspace picture, here’s a better shot of the top.

One thing about the top (and a couple others from PUG clothing) – in order to get it on, you have to zip up the back. So I kinda feel like I’m putting on my coffin clothing (don’t undertakers cut everything up the back to put on the bodies? yeah that’s me today. gross)

Here’s what I’m wearing:

The Doris skirt in burgundy

The Sean top in white

As always, hope you enjoyed! If you’ve got any suggestions for further pinup adventures, let me know! 🙂