So!  This weekend was RIOT FEST.  Hot damn. I haven’t been excited about Riot in a really long time (damn you multiple venues on the SAME FUCKING NIGHT) but this time around I was very much so excited.

Pegboy? damn right
Offspring? hell yes
Dropkick? yes yes yes
Fishbone? Less than Jake? Slapstick? Reverend Horton Heat? .. well, you get the picture.

So yeah, totally happy about this weekend.


On my way to the congress, there was traffic. There’s a shocker, traffic between lincoln park and the congress? But I wasn’t in any real big hurry, so that was fine. It was less fine to my cab driver. SO less fine that when he was going to be caught at another red light, he decided to take a shortcut across some skeevy little back alley.  Which totally didn’t go through. AAAAaaand his bright idea was to shift into reverse and slam on the gas.

and then BAM!

cab meets pole.

and that sucked. a LOT.

However, cab was deemed driveable, and I got the rest of my trip to the congress. Course I’m a huge pansy so I paid for the entire ride. But I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to get the cab ID number or anything. Balls. Oh well.

The show was FANTASTIC. One of the best Offspring shows I’ve seen in a loooong time.

After the show, we left for The Owl on Milwaukee.  Got to meet all kinds of great people, and had a really good time.

You know, til my hair caught on fire.

FUCKING CANDLES. Totally should not be in a bar.

I didn’t even REALIZE that it was on fire, some guy hopped over and put it out. I was totally freaked out that some random dude had run over to smack my head, but I suppose I owe him a big thank you.  Plus then our waitress felt bad for me so she bought me a shot. Not that I do shots. But it was still really sweet. Even better, everybody only made fun of me for like 30 seconds, and then didn’t anymore. Which was much appreciated. (at least, that’s how i’m remembering it) 🙂

So now my hair has a piece that’s about two inches wide that is about 2-3 inches shorter than the rest.  Somehow it ended up on on the top layer though so unless you’re looking for it, you can’t see it.

But I suppose it worked out, now I have a fun story about catching on fire.

Had a really great rest of the weekend though. Saw some great bands, found out that I really like some that I hadn’t heard before, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.