And I bet you thought I’d forget!  (actually, I sorta almost did forget)

Anywho, on to today’s outfit!

I decided that I’m having fall today.  Black top, houndstooth pencil skirt, black heels, and seamed stockings.

side note: I forgot how to sit in my chair at work wearing garters.  Took me like an hour to remember so that it didn’t bug me all day. Course, I’ll still be pulling the damn things up and making sure they’re straight ALL DAY LONG. (what price beauty, yeah?)

Top: the Aurelie long sleeve in black
Skirt: Pinup Couture Pencil Skirt in Houndstooth Print

Funny part – the model is wearing the same outfit that I am! (she looks better in it)

I ORIGINALLY was going to wear the Doris top, but decided that it may be just a tad too low cut for the office.

also, my boobs totally don’t look like that in the top that I have. I think that would require duct tape and possibly a crane.

So, this is me today:

whole outfit! wasn’t good with pictures today, so there’s just the one.

trying to keep these bad boys straight all day is going to be a fun time

this is what I’ll be looking at all day at my desk. wanna bet I go blind?

So yeah, that’s my challenge outfit today! Less stellar than I would have liked, but next week will be better!