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… or, you don’t always have to be good at stuff that you like to do.

Because I totally am not.  Good at Magic that is.  And probably it’s time to admit that I shouldn’t try to live off the whole “but I USED to be good at this!” because that was in high school. Which was like 17 years ago at this point. Time to let go.

So anyway, Magic the Gathering!  Totally number one on my Nerd List (which from now on will most likely be referred to as simply the list).

One of the things that appeals to me about the whole MtG thing is that you don’t have to be super good at it in order to enjoy yourself.  I mean, I lose nearly every time I play. I am bad at building decks, and not so great at working out my strategies. But I like to think that I’m getting better at it as I go along.  Plus, I really don’t mind losing.  A friend that I used to play with (and hopefully will play with again soon) used to apologize when he totally decimated me.  But I never minded. I don’t have a problem with losing, because you still learn something when you lose.  Course, I must be a slow learner because I lose a LOT.

crap. maybe there’s a flaw in that theory somewhere. hrm.


The other really great part about MtG is that they’re perfect for somebody like me who gets (let’s face it) kind of super-OCD when it comes to organizing things. Yes, I will spend an evening/afternoon/whatever organizing my cards.  And it’s a PROCESS.  (what isn’t really?)

  • step 1: add new cards to inventory on deckbox.org (I love this site – this is me: RachelR1977)
  • step 2: sort cards out by color
  • step 3: each color is organized by type. Creatures, Enchantments, Instants, Sorcery
  • step 4: within each type cards are then sorted by converted mana cost, and then sorted alphabetically by name
  • step 5: take out the full set of whatever color I happen to be working on (from the binders) and insert into the piles the new cards into the proper order*
  • step 6: return cards to binders

*unless all the new ones are duplicates or I’m returning a deck to the binders and they haven’t been updated since the cards were moved from binders to deck

not the best picture, but it gives you an idea. plus, blue toenail polish! 🙂

So yeah, decks.

I am not good at building decks. But I like to build them anyway.  My favorite deck at the moment is my Angel deck (which is way less angel-y now than it was when I first built it, but the name stuck).  I have fun playing with this deck.

But then at GenCon, my poor Angel deck got totally stomped on by a guy playing an oblivion ring/worldfire combo.  WHICH WAS SO COOL.  So of course now I’m working on one with those cards. I’m waiting on a couple of cards, but then I’m totally going to find somebody (AHEM) to playtest it with me. It doesn’t have a fun name yet, just calling it ‘temp‘ for now… boring.

Also I’d like to build a deck around a planeswalker, but I’ve never played with one before and I’m not sure the best way to go about building a deck around one.

But yeah, I’m just guessing on these. Hence the whole “I need to get better at playing and strategies and blah blah blah”.  Hopefully I can put together a group of people who work near me and we can get together on a somewhat regular basis for some casual play (hint hint). That would be super fun. Plus… practice!

Til then though, I’ll just keep at it.

As always, any advice or suggestions would be VERY welcome.