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Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a nerd. Or a geek. Or whatever else you want to call it. And you know what? I AM PERFECTLY OKAY WITH THAT. (so there)

In a casual conversations it’ll come up that I’m SUCH a total nerd, usually accompanied by exaggerated sighs and eye rolling (all in fun though so it’s okay). When I ask, but what makes me a nerd? The answer usually is “Do you want a list?”

And the answer is yes, yes I DO want a list.

So, I got a list. And I’m going to try to keep up the list. There will also be posts about the items on the list, because damnit, some of the stuff is cool. (so there)

In typical Rachel fashion, the list will probably continue to grow as I get more reasons from people, will have my own commentary included, will probably swear a lot, and will be extra long and super wordy (blah blah blah).
Here we go:

  1. Magic the Gathering
    1. has like 2200+ cards, nearly all current standard format
    2. has multiple binders for said cards
    3. organizes those binders a LOT
    4. plays MtG at work (and is currently trying to put together a group to play sometimes downtown HINT HINT HINT)
    5. keeps all of her cards/decks updated online
      1. deckbox.org is SUPER USEFUL
      2. that’s totally how I met Joel at GenCon, so it’s also SOCIAL
    6. will have whole conversations/dialogues about what she’s doing to organize her cards, or decks, or all kinds of things
    7. has color coordinated sleeves and deckboxes
      1. this just makes good sense, duh
  2. StarWars
    1. insists that the originals are the greatest ever
    2. has a whole bitch list about everything she hates about the updated versions
    3. claims to hate the prequels yet can reference them and watches them
    4. owns multiple copies/versions of the movies (damn right I do)
      1. original trilogy on DVD (with horrible changes)
      2. original trilogy on DVD (2-disc versions, has option to watch version WITHOUT the horrible changes)
      3. bluray prequel/sequel set
    5. favorite StarWars character: Han Solo. 2nd favorite: R2D2 3rd: Boba Fett
    6. tends to refer to C3P0 as ‘dickbag’
    7. writes it as StarWars rather than Star Wars
  3. Doctor Who
    1. watches Doctor Who
    2. pays extra for the extended cable channels in order to watch them on BBCA (see #4)
    3. only really likes the new ones, but will still watch old ones if they happen to be on someplace
    4. thinks everybody has seen at least one episode of Doctor Who
    5. e) has made Doctor Who themed cookies for a viewing party
  4. BBC America
    1. watches BBCA
    2. refers to it as BBCA
    3. if it’s on BBCA, will watch it (yes, even Robin Hood)
  5. Thinks that Andrew Lee Potts is sexy
    1. claims to love the SciFi channel version of Alice in Wonderland because he’s the hatter and “he’s hooooooooooooot”
  6. Refuses to spell it SyFy
  7. Refuses to call it the Willis Tower
  8. Will watch (and claim to love) pretty much any piece of crap if it’s filmed in, based on, or related in any way to Chicago
    1. alternately, will hate any movie that she feels OUGHT to have been filmed here, but wasn’t (see Batman)
  9. GenCon
    1. knows what GenCon is
    2. went there for the whole convention
    3. dressed up for GenCon
    4. played games while there
  10. AnimeCentral
  11. Badges
    1. keeps and displays convention badges at her desk
    2. will hate on any convention that does NOT have badges (ex: WizardWorld)
      1. also refuses to call WizardWorld Comic Con because ONLY SDCC IS COMIC-CON
  12. loves the 2009 Star Trek movie and watches it ALL THE TIME
  13. the Avengers
    1. went to the marvel movie marathon for the premier of The Avengers
    2. is totally in love with Thor
    3. thinks that Iron Man 2 was better than Iron Man
    4. preordered the Avengers bluray like 20 minutes after she saw the movie
    5. STILL laughs at the jokes in the avengers
  14. has a tattoo of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman
  15. entire apartment is decorated with Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy/Catwoman art
    1. buys said art at conventions
  16. C2E2
    1. volunteered 1st year
      1. also got a pacman tattoo on the convention floor
    2. bought VIP 2nd year
    3. dressed up 3rd year
      1. also Sean Astin is a creepster 
  17. video games
    1. has a nintendo
    2. has an atari
    3. is obsessed with pacman
    4. played WoW
    5. has met fellow guildies from WoW in cities where she doesn’t live
  18. Batman
    1. loves the horrible 90s batman movies
    2. thinks that Dark Knight is the best of the 3 new movies
      1. for the record, they were not stupid. 
      2. also it’s funny, people have sheldon’s seat moments when other people ask why I don’t like it 
      3. that means that if there are 3 people around, and one person asks why I didn’t like it, the other 2 people will be all NO DON’T ASK
        1. because I will tell them
        2. it takes a long time to tell them
  19. still hasn’t forgiven FOX for Firefly
  20. loves The Big Bang Theory
    1. knows the words to the theme song. the whole song
    2. knows that there’s more to the song than just what you hear in the theme
    3. knows who sings it
    4. will TELL you who sings it EVEN IF YOU DON’T ASK
  21. REALLY wants to have a group of friends to play Munchkin with
    1. owns several versions
    2. has level counters
    3. has little munchkin dudes
      1. one of ’em glows in the dark
    4. got to preview the new version of munchkin and wouldn’t shut up about it
  22. makes notes on her phone about adding to the list of stuff that makes her a nerd

Okay, there are a bunch more things on the list but I sorta got tired of going through the emails. I will add more later.  (told you I was wordy)

Why are YOU a nerd?