As you may know, I have kind of a random not-quite-obsession with bits of the pinup girl/retro style.  In that I have a wishlist like a mile long from PinupGirl Clothing.

In order to keep myself from going absolutely flat broke, I am trying to keep myself on a one-new-item-per-month leash.

But what’s the use in buying new stuff if I’m not making good use out of the stuff that I already own?

So in order to make sure that I keep up with it (and also because it’s fun to have a plan/goal/etc), I came up with my personal challenge: In order to get to buy anything new, I have to have worn something that I already own from PUG at least one time per week for the past month.  THEN I can buy something new. 🙂

I’m not counting last Friday (before Labor Day) when I just randomly decided to go sailor for Red Friday since that was technically August.  Instead, decided to start with today.

So today my pinupgirl selection is the Gia top in red, a basic black pencil skirt, and the Lolita pumps in black.  Stayed basic with hair and makeup since yesterday I went a little extra-fun and was told that I kinda looked like I was sick. 🙂  Just kept my hair wavy and pulled it up to  one side.

Somebody commented today at work that the red&black darth vader lego star wars watch probably doesn’t fit with the rest of my outfit… but I don’t care. I love this watch. SO THERE. 😛

I am always looking for advice, suggestions, feedback, whatever. I’m pretty much making this stuff up as I go along, so any direction would be awesome.

photos posted below.

Full outfit from the side. (Yes, I need to pick up in my apt.) 

view from the other side 

not very adventurous as far as hair/makeup today. Also, this picture makes me look OLD. balls. when did that happen? MUST FIX. 


obligatory “hey look at my boobs!” shot. also – wtf do I have on my mirror? I hate that mirror. 


I have strange looking feet/ankles, but damn I love these shoes. 


I got bored and did my nails too. They’re kind of weird looking, but at least I won’t bite them! (I actually am going to try some other fun manicures though, perhaps I will put them into a post afterward.)