I have entirely too many items on my PinupGirl Clothing wishlist.  Don’t believe me?  here’s the link:

Rachel’s Wishlist | Pinup Girl Clothing

I think my plan is going to be that once a month I am going to buy myself something from this list. 🙂

………… although probably I ought to start wearing more of what I already have.

well crap.

okay fine, NEW PLAN:

once a week I am going to glam it up for work. well, retro it up anyway.  (when I get glammy it kinda freaks out my teams).  So then my reward will be – one new PUG item.


Can Rachel wear one pinup item outfit per week?  Let’s find out!

My first reward to myself will probably be the Heidi dress. It has a PINK BOW. who can resist a pink bow? certainly not me.

awwwww pink bow!