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For years my favorite colors have been hot pink and purple. So sue me. Sometimes I dig girly things. IT HAPPENS.


But now I have some new favorites, black and red and white. Usually all combined together.  Plus added to that I think I’ve finally decided that as somebody who is (let’s face it) stupidly pale – I might be able to just embrace the paleness.  Plus in my next life I want to come back as a retro pinup girl. DAMN RIGHT I DO.


So I have a closet that is half-full of clothing from Pinup Girl Clothing – if I ever win the lottery, that’ll probably get bumped to like 3/4 full. Cuz I love everything they have. 🙂  

Although the measurements are weird. Or maybe it’s just my body that’s all weird. I can actually believe both of those answers.

The weather in Chicago today is going to be in the 90s (again) – yay Chicago! I love summer.  Course, that means that my office building will be a balmy 62 degrees. After 7 1/2 years, you’d think I’d be used to that by now.  But I’m totally not. 

In celebration of today being warm though, I decided that today was Sailor Swing Dress day!  This is what it looks like on the site:

Red Sailor Swing Dress

Obviously *I* do not look like this while wearing this dress.

I love this dress. I almost never get to wear it, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t totally love it. Which is precisely why I thought today would be a good day for it.  That and since nearly everybody that I work with works from home on Fridays, there wouldn’t be a ton of people around to see it.

The plan was to hot-roll my hair also and put it up into a couple of victory rolls and go all-out, but at the very last minute I decided that the extra hour of sleep would be way more fun than having perfect hair. Most of the time in the great battle of sleep vs hair, sleep wins out. What can I say? I like sleeping.

So, this is what I went with today:

boring hair

My hair gets all fuzzy… but most of the time I’m okay with just letting it do whatever the hell it wants to.

obligatory bathroom shot

obligatory bathroom shot – told you it was cold in my office – that hoodie and I are besties today.

The other day I was bored (I have been without cable/internet for WAAAAY too long at this point) and so I gave myself a red/black french manicure on my tootsies. It was fun.  And luckily it has lasted long enough to go with my shoes. My shoes which are actually a bit too big, but I wear them anyway.  They’re just TOO PERFECT.


seriously I love these shoes SO MUCH


The dress is actually best when worn with a petticoat underneath.  The awesome part about how long this dress is happens to also be the bad part – it’s long enough that my red petticoat is just a touch too short.  So I have to wear it all low.  Even all low it really isn’t long enough. Probably I’ll just have to break down and buy a longer one online. From like New Zealand. Apparently NZ loves the retro ladies. But because I am a trooper, I gave the petticoat a shot today.  Nope, still too short. AND with the bonus of having it make my ass all scratchy (classy, I know), I abandoned that idea once I got to the office.


What? Doesn’t everybody keep a crinoline in their desk drawer?

So that’s my Friday. 🙂  Anybody want to go out and play later?