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So, 2012 was the year that Rachel got BRAVE as far as dressing up for conventions.  At C2E2 one day I went as a pirate (shocking, I know).  But for GenCon, I wanted to go a little bit beyond that.  Thought about a version of Harley Quinn (another shocker, yes?) but then got distracted by a book series that I was reading.

Peter V Brett has a series that he’s writing called the Demon Cycle. First in the series was ‘The Warded Man’ – which was *excellent*.  And there were just so many fun characters and things in the series. Deciding to pick someone from the list was easy. Deciding WHO to pick was a bit more difficult.

But, I finally settled on what seems a bit like a minor character at first, but will most definitely end up as somebody pretty prominent (at least, that’s my guess): Renna Tanner.  The best part about Renna (besides her overall awesomeness), is that she’s got some great interaction with other characters, so I would be able to use some fun stuff from other characters as well.

The very best part? WARDING.  Oh hell yeah that meant I got to ward *everything*.  Renna’s got a necklace and a knife that she warded, plus she’s in the habit of warding her own skin, plus Arlen (the warded man hisownself) lends her a cloak that was warded by Leesha (another character that almost made the cosplay cut).

I didn’t do the knife (haven’t quite figured that part out yet) but I did get a chance to put together a warded necklace, as well as creating a cloak and warding that, plus then warding the ever-loving-dickens out of my face (and some other places).  Made for some fun eyeliner experimentation for sure.

The downside to cosplaying a fantasy book character at GenCon is that since it’s a gaming convention, the character was lost on most people. The upside though is the same – since I’m still all shy (nobody ever buys it when I tell them, but I TOTALLY AM), then I didn’t have the added pressure of people wanting to do cosplay-y type things.  NEXT TIME. 🙂

The necklace is made of jewelry beads that look kind of like stones, that I then used a sharpie to draw on the wards by hand.  Most of them are actual wards from the Peter V Brett website – but as I went, I added some of my own (such as some pacman ghosts, fire flowers from mario brothers, my own initials, some star wars icons, and others).  The necklace is long enough to loop twice around my neck, and then still hang down pretty far.

The cloak is a full length blue cloak with a big hood and then hand embroidered wards around the edges.  Those took FOREVER, but were super fun.  Right now the cloak is only warded on the edges, but the plan is to keep working on it over time until the whole thing is covered.  I figure if I do a little bit at a time, it’ll always look a little different, which will be fun.  The bastard is HUGE though. Note to self: the sizes on costume patterns LIE. LIES LIES LIES.  Although if I had to pick too small or too big – I’m all for too big.

The most fun part though was painting wards all over my face.  In the book, the first wards that Renna ends up with are around her eyes, so that she can see the energy given from the demons. Too much fun!  So I experimented.  Turns out that I can draw around my face almost as well on my right side as my left. Who’d have thought it?

At some point I really am going to take an actual decent picture of me in my full costume, but for now, I’ve included some of the pictures that I instagram’d during the process.

Some skin warding, cloak, and necklace

larger and smaller wards along the edge of the cloak

the sucker was HUGE

some of the teenier wards along the edge of the cloak


So now the fun waiting part begins.  Waiting for two things – 1) for the next book in the Demon Cycle to come out (I’m thinking early next year?) and B) to find a convention/book signing/event that senior von brett will actually BE at so that I can show off in person!  (cuz really, showing off in person is going to be SUPER FUN)