So, I said that I was going to run the Hub Run 5k.  And I totally did.  Okay, well TECHNICALLY I ran 2 miles and walked a mile, but whatever. I did the whole route.  AND I did it way faster than I thought I would/could.  My out-loud goal was to finish in 50m.  My in-my-head goal was to finish in 40m.  I actually finished in just over 37 minutes. Holy balls.

(the reason that I had those two goals is because I’d only been training (ha, training) on the treadmill.  outside is different and HARDER)

And I lived.  Well, kinda.  running in the 42 degrees pouring rain turned out to be bad for my pneumonia, which is back (can you say 104.75 fever and six hours in the ER?) …. but I’m not DEAD, so technically I lived. go me.

I don’t think that I’ll be doing any big races this year.  But maybe another 5k later on.  I just need to not have pneumonia for more than 9 days before running a race next time I think.

Anyway, excited to have done it. 🙂