This was the year that I was going to run all kinds of races.  I really was.  And then I got pneumonia. Man that sucked.  But, I’d already signed up for a 5k on 5/15.  So today I went back to the gym to make sure that I could still make it 3 miles without collapsing.  The good news? I still can.  On the treadmill anyway.  Did just over 3 miles at about 3.5 incline in 50 minutes.  Not my best time, but not too terrible for the first time out in like 3 months.

And then the shocker?  Got on the scale. Holy balls. Pneumonia is apparently good for something after all. You know, I’d thought that my pants were feeling kind of big, but i just figured it was cuz I’d like, stretched ’em out.  Nope. Apparently it’s because I’ve lost 15 pounds. Good lord. That means that I really only have about 20 to go.  Scary.  Guess this means that I better get my act together, huh? 🙂

Anyway, in a week I’ll be back in good ol’ CP doing the Hub Run with my sister and my parents.  Not sure if I’ll actually RUN the whole way, but we’ll see.

Happy weekend!