I really didn’t think I’d ever do it, but I totally did.  I found love… in my nook color.  Yes, I’m reading from an e-reader. And it’s kind of awesome.  I never thought I’d like it, after all, I’m the girl with over 400 books (yes, I counted) in my 288sq ft apartment.

But, for my birthday this year Nick got me a nook color, and after yesterday, it’s my new favorite thing. I mean, I liked it before, but yesterday killed it.  Why, you ask?  NEW RELEASE DAY.  Hot damn.  So I have several authors that I am totally caught up on their books and wait very impatiently for the Tuesdays that their books are put out.  Most notably, Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris, MaryJanice Davidson, and Jim Butcher (all of which I heartily recommend if you like vampires or witches or anything along those lines).  Yes, I pre-order books.  But here is why I love my e-reader:  If I pre-order a book, it downloads to my nook automatically overnight. So when I get up in the morning on new release day there my book is ready to read on the bus ON THE WAY TO WORK.  I don’t have to wait until after work to go to B&N to go pick it up… don’t have to wait til the afternoon deliveries at the office to get my preordered hardcover.  Nope. I can read it on the bus in to work.

Yesterday Pale Demon was released. It’s the newest Kim Harrison book (the series is about Rachel Morgan, a red headed witch who lives with a vampire and a pixy and is the student of a demon and she’s a private detective of sorts. SO GOOD).  I woke up on Tuesday and there it was.  Best Tuesday Ever.

I mean, I’m still going to buy the hardcover of the book – it goes up there on the shelf with the rest of them.  And I can’t give up books, i love the way they feel and smell and look – and nothing beats browsing around in a bookstore to find new things to read.  But for the OMG I need it RIGHT NOW factor? Can’t beat the nook.

Plus, it’s got crosswords and sudoku, which is also super.   all in all? I vote yes.