So, years and years ago I used to go to the Chicago Auto Show every year like clockwork.  A few years back, I stopped going.   It was just too crowded every time I tried to go. (Here’s a shocker – the longer I live in Chicago, the worse I get with crowds.)  But I’ve missed going – I don’t know anything about cars (except to drive them) – but I sure do love to look at them.  And yes – it’s mostly because they’re brightly colored and shiny.

This year I was able to get a media pass for Social Media Day.  I got mine from Chevy through a link talking about the Volt.  They had a track that you could take a ride on in a Volt.  I actually lucked out and scored and extra long ride – there were some serious journalists doing some photo ops where we needed to park.

They also had a section where you could go for a ride in a Jeep, and also a Toyota area.  I didn’t ride in either of those, but it was really neat to see.

So, on to some photos!

This is the Volt, but not the one I rode in. Mine was RED.

the dashboard of the Volt I rode around in

Everybody brought a cop car this year –


Mostly I just ran around and took pictures.  It was superfun.

the Ford robot made friends with some guys in uniform. he wasn't so good at high-fiving though

So, hello and goodbye from the Chicago Auto Show! Enjoy!