So, I started a round of Wellbutrin this week. Well, yesterday really. Just wanted to try to get ahead of the curve as far as fall/winter n stuff. So far, just taking a bit of getting used to… you know, the two days I’ve been on it. The first day I felt all speedy – like I’d downed a couple of energy drinks on an empty stomach or something. ‘Course, then I was up all night (well, just til like 12:30 or 1) doing work – so then I was totally wiped by the time I went to bed. Woke up at 7 and then again at 9, then back to bed til 11. Whoops. Guess I was tired. 2nd day – no speedies. Haven’t really eaten anything today – but I’m guessing that’s just more due to the fact that I don’t usually eat regularly on the weekends anyway rather than one of the side effects of ‘loss of appetite’. So we’ll see.

Didn’t run last night, didn’t want to risk it with the way I was feeling – same with today. Tomorrow, though, back on the treadmill. If I need to cut it back to just 2 miles instead of the 3 I’m planning on, I’ll do that.

So, that’s my weekend so far. And now off for a rousing round of dishes, Superman movies, and homework.