So, with all the talk about the marathon today – I’ve decided that I’m gonna try the whole marathon thing. Do you suppose I can do all of my training on the treadmill and then be able to run the race outdoors? I guess we’ll see, right?

So I’m going to start with the 5k for earth day as a warm-up race. Then I want to do either the spring half or maybe the 13.1 race – or possibly both. but first thing is first- training.

I found a training schedule on the internet at… and it doesn’t expressly SAY that you can’t do all your training on a treadmill – so I guess this is an experiment, right?

And yes. I recognize that it’s kind of crazy that I don’t like to run outdoors but yet I’m thinking of running races in 2011. But I like to run…. I just don’t like to run outside – it makes me feel like i’m in HS again…. and nobody wants that.

True, I’m still having some knee issues – but I’m hoping that really the issues just stem from like, being overly cautious. I have a doctors appt next week that should give me a final all-clear so then I don’t have to worry about it any more.

But….. the training schedule I’m looking at has Monday and Friday off – and then running 3/4/5 miles the other days of the week. and I’m supposed to do that til 12 weeks prior to race day. So if the first race is at the end of April then I guess the more structured training will start at .. what? the end of January? I can do this. I hope I can do it anyway.

So here’s my question – anybody ever done all their training indoors?