So, I had today off work (woooo vacation day!) and let me tell you, it was a red-letter day for sure.
First, I got to sleep in. You know, all the way til 715. whoops. And after a couple hours of working (yes, working, shush) -I got to have my vacation morning. And how did I spend it? Watching Airline!

Remember Airline? That’s when SouthWest got the genius idea to have cameras at gates and on flights and stuff. Such a great idea.

After my fun Airline session – then came the best part. The secret phone call! It actually lasted a whopping 52 minutes. I can’t help but think that it was a good sign. Actually I felt really great about the whole thing – and I have high hopes… but I don’t expect to hear anything back til Monday. But it was still nice. 🙂

But then came the crazy part. About 15 minutes after the completion of the secret phone call, I got another call. Somebody found me. I love it when that happens. Talk about an ego booster. so yay! go me! 🙂

And now I’m getting ready to head over to the Cobra Lounge to pick up my Riot Fest 5day pass. I should have gone last weekend but I was too sicky. So I’ll get ’em tonight before heading over to the Double Door show.

Anybody else headed to the double door tonight?

Anyway – after this morning/afternoon I really feel like everything’s coming up milhouse. 🙂 it makes me glad that this morning I bought a preemptive celebratory woot shirt. to celebrate the awesomeness of monty python – i bought “a simple question of weight ratios“.

and with that… I bid you adieu.  🙂