seriously. i’m the worst sick person ever.

things i was going to do this weekend:

  • pick up my apt
  • dust everything
  • take boxes of jewel cases down to dumpster
  • fix pants
  • do dishes
  • put all of my clothes through the wash
  • do homework
  • clean up work inbox
  • start dmi project for work
  • organize stuff for this week
  • pick up Riot Fest tickets

Things that I actually have done so far this weekend:

  • slept
  • sorted laundry
  • showered
  • slept more
  • opened mail (LEGO UNIVERSE!)

Plus, I still feel like ass.  I have my laundry sorted and I have a couple loads downstairs waiting for an open machine (Sunday must be laundry day ’round here) and I’m all stuffy and WHINE WHINE WHINE.

don’t mind me. i’m just a big baby when I’m sick.