I really hate being sick. There’s nothing worse when you have a gorgeous fall-feeling day like today when you have SO many things that you want to get done to get stuck on the couch and be at the mercy of a cold. I really want to be outside doing things (one of those being picking up my Riot Fest passes). I really OUGHT to be at the very least doing all this work and homework that I’ve been thinking of getting done. Or cleaning my place. Nope – instead I journeyed out long enough to get some OJ and more tissues …. and that was enough to knock me on my ass.

So instead of getting to go out to play – I’m inside on the couch. I will say this, though – one thing that I do really like about living by myself when I’m sick? There’s nobody to judge the fact that I’m all snuffleupagus today. Don’t hate on the snuffles.

Although it would be nice if somebody could bring me some hot cocoa. And maybe rub my back a bit. Maybe tomorrow.