Greetings!  Welcome to October!

So… in order to practice for NaNoWriMo (yes, I’m taking another stab at my Anne Boleyn novel, you shush) I’m going to do National Blog Posting Month for October.  You know… it’s PRACTICE.  That and I’m totally stressed out lately and I’m hoping that this will help.  So we’ll see, yeah?  YEAH WE WILL.

The theme for this month is PLAY.  To find inspiration, I copped out and checked dictionary.com’s definition of play.  The number one definition is:

a dramatic composition or piece; drama.

So… do I have a story about a play?  Sure, why not!  Here you go:

When I was in high school, I gave up on track for a year to join the drama kids and be in a play.  I auditioned for A Midsummer Night’s Dream – and actually I totally killed it and ended up with the part of Helena.  Whoohoo! Kickass!  First play – ended up with one of the bigger roles!  Totally awesome for me…. for about two days.  Then one of the usual drama girls came back from vacation (having missed the auditions) and whined her way into stealing my damn part (oh hey, lookit that… still sorta bitter… goodness).  So I went from being Helena… to being recast as Titania.  With like, three lines in two scenes.  Mother-trucker. But it all worked out okay in the end – I got to wear a hot pink dress with an overskirt of metal mesh – PLUS I made friends with all the backstage guys.  So see? All worked out in the end.  Course, the experience killed any desire I had to continue with the dramatic arts at good ol’ CPHS.  Eh, it happens.

So that’s my story about a play. Happy October!

So what else is going on right now?  eh… just stressed about several things – nothing major. Trying to get my head into a better place.  I drown my sorrow in Jersey Shore and the Big Bang Theory.  🙂