Blog is such a funny word, btw.  I just read a post on a site that I swear to you, used “blog” like sixty-billion times in about three and a half paragraphs – and eventually it just started to not look like a word anymore.  Much like “turtle”. If you type “turtle” enough times it actually doesn’t look like “turtle” anymore, it instead looks like “volkswagen”.  Just one of those pesky tricks of nature, I guess.

As I was saying, though, I rather miss my daily ramblings of nonsense, my trips to the various diners in chicago, and even the sock porn.  Although right now I’m off diners (yay for trying to be all frugal and cooky and junk) and it’s not cold enough for knee socks – but I always have nonsense!

So back to nonsense I guess?  SURE WHY NOT.  Haha lucky you.

My class this quarter is about advertising.  This week I need to find an ad I like and then present about the ad and the company.  I really want to do mine on the Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle.  Mostly just because I think it’s hilarious that the commercial is all about trimming bushes.  But I’m not sure I’m brave enough to talk about that in class.

We’ll see.

If you haven’t seen it – THIS is the ad:

What are your favorite ads?  Why? What can I say? I’m nosy like that!