So yeah, totally breaking my own personal ban on Riot Fest this year.  What can I say? I missed going!  Sure, it’s still kinda assy that they’ll have shows going on simultaneously at venues all over town.  But I’d rather be slightly annoyed and going rather than slightly annoyed in principle but then not going.  So I bought a five day pass in the pre-sale.  Yeah, ya got me Riot Fest promoters.  And i’m not even your demographic! 🙂  (although I guess there was a Groupon.. so maybe i AM their demographic after all???)

So while i’m listening to a Jason Mraz-themed Pandora radio station, I figured I’d map out my Riot Fest plan.  I still don’t know which show I’m going to go to on Thursday – and I’m kinda on the fence about the secret shows – but I still have a couple of weeks, so I don’t need to know OMG RIGHT NOW.

but – let me know what shows you’ll be at! maybe we can meet up! 🙂

Wed 10/6 – Doubledoor @ 730
Thurs 10/7 – not sure yet
Fri 10/8 – SubT @ 10pm, maybe secret show @ Cobra after?
Sat 10/9 – Congress @ 3pm, secret show @ Cobra or AAA after
Sun 10/10 – SubT @ 8pm

This year I’m most excited to see:

Raygun (wooo) 🙂
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Less than Jake
Have Nots
Eastern Standard Time
Green Room Rockers

Yes, I am totally aware that my musical taste stunted sometime around 1992. I can live with that.

I’m actually totally bummed that there are no appearances from Flatfoot 56, Deals Gone Bad, or a few others…. but I guess I’ll live. maybe one of them will be at one of the secret shows (hey, a girl can hope, right?)