I had to get an x-ray today.  I fell on my face (tripped over the sidewalk) over the labor day holiday weekend… and my knee just hadn’t been the same since.  It ballooned up really bad yesterday, so i went to the dr today.  in the process of explaining what was wrong, i may have mentioned some of the other recent times that i’ve crashed and burned.  so then of course my awesome dr wanted to know – is this a daily occurrence?

for the record – no, no it is not.  while i do tend to trip or stumble or fall a lot – it’s not daily.  and it certainly isn’t because i have a drinking problem (gee thanks mom. 😛 ) and i am not “challenged” either (thanks, nick).  I just don’t pay attention to where i’m going/what i’m doing most of the time when i’m wandering around.

i’m way better than i used to be.  but i get distracted by stuff.  which is hilarious b/c i’m totally attention to detail and completely focused at work and school – just not, you know, when i walk around.


but, nothing is broken.  waiting to hear back if i have a tear or a sprain (c’monnnnn sprain!) and then may have to go back for an MRI. (boooo)

i really do keep meaning to keep this page updated more often – maybe soon i’ll have a new project to yammer on about! 🙂