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Hey ya’ll –

So, now that I’ve finally finished unpacking, I realize that I have six shelves’ worth of the old WizKids Pirates Constructable card game – most of them in mint (un-constructed) condition.  Which is great and all – except that I no longer know anybody who plays.  So, what’s the point of having all these shelves of a game that I don’t play?  I don’t have a good way to store them to like, look at them – so perhaps it is time to give them a new good home.

I’m gonna spend some time this weekend shooting and listing them – I’ll link the listings back to here, and I’ll post some pictures of the collection here as well – but if you or anybody you know would be interested in any of the cards, let me know – I’d rather rehome them than just sell ’em on some collector site or ebay. 🙂   And yes, I know I’m mixing up puppies and pirate cards – but I love these little guys – they’re SO CUTE.