So I finally moved!  After several years of roommates, I’m back to living on my own.  True, this apartment is smaller than I’ve been used to, but I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I haven’t hung the pictures yet, and I actually still need to buy another bookcase (is there a 12-step program for IKEA addicts?)

I moved just a few blocks south and a few blocks east, but it was enough to change from Lakeview to Lincoln Park – and I have to say, the difference really is noticeable. ‘Course, that could also be just because I used to live across the street from Uncle Fatty’s and now I’m tucked away on Deming, which is a tree-lined street with a bunch of single family homes mixed in with the big old apartment buildings.

Anyway, now that I’m mostly unpacked I thought I’d snap a few shots. Pardon the random perspective and the blurriness, I just used my phone.

one thing that I’m pretty proud of, though, is the tv stand that I put together.  I added my own twist by installing LEDs so that at night I could set it up to glow.

and the crown jewel of the apartment? THE VIEW.

So that’s my place! hopefully I can have some people over soon for a mini-party. 🙂