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can you tell I’m a bit excited?  WELL I AM.

Next week is @C2E2 and I am trippin’ balls people. For realz. (and yes, i just said for realz)

But seriously. I’m very much looking forward to the convention.  In part because Wizard World was such a colossal disappointment, but mainly because I just seriously love this sort of thing.  And this year has a few extra awesome points.

First of all… this time I’m volunteering.  Which is kind of fantastic.  I have no idea yet what I’m going to be doing, but I’ll be there working from 5-10pm on Friday, and 7am-noon on Saturday and Sunday.

Second… I’m going to find Ben Templesmith and see about commissioning a piece that will eventually be a tattoo – i want it done my left side.. but obviously I can’t get that done til I lose some weight and work out a bit more. But see? that’ll be the reward!  So I need to find him and talk to him about a Hatter M/Alyss back-to-back 🙂 (he’ll also be at Third Coast Comics the night before the convention)

Third I hope to have Jeff Balke color one of my Harley sketches for framing in the new place (you know, for when I finally move)

And the last bit of extra-specialty for this particular convention? The pacman tattoo! Yup, Andrea Swabb will be inking my pacman design at 1pm on Friday afternoon at the Ink Fusion Tattoo Festival portion of the convention.  Stop by and mock my pain!

There’s going to be so much more going on too, I know. But those are just the highlights.  Will you be there?