(I love it when I get to reference Cat’s Cradle – SUCH a good book.)

Not sure wtf I’m talking about?  Pause for just one second to steal blatently from Wikipedia’s entry on Bokononism:

It is based on the concept of foma, which are defined as harmless untruths. The primary tenet of Bokononism is to “Live by the foma that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy.” Many of the sacred texts of Bokononism were written in the form of calypsos. The foundation of Bokononism is that all religion, including Bokononism and all its texts, is formed entirely of lies; however, if you believe and adhere to these lies, you will at least have peace of mind, and perhaps live a good life.

Basically, everybody’s destiny is intertwined, there is no destiny, people may think they’re connected to people who they really aren’t, but you may be connected to other people and have no idea.  And you get to mumble to yourself… ‘busy busy busy’.  What’s not to love?

WOW, tangent.

Anyway, you’d think that now that I was out of school I’d have way more time for, you know, blogging and junk.  Nope, instead I’m spending my time looking for apartments, trying to sleep (and failing), and.. well, I’m really not sure what else. Going to the gym I guess.  Recovering from going to the gym.  Kind of lame really when you think of it.  I’m tired a lot, which is annoying.  But I’m having a good time adventuring around finding places to live!  So that’s a great trade off.

The Chicago Diner Tour is on a temporary hiatus due to dietary and budgetary restrictions – in a couple of weeks I’m hoping to add a yoga routine to the gym stuff, and then I’ll feel more comfortable spending a day indulging myself in diner food.  Until then, though, a big ol’ pause on the Diner Tour.  But I’m still keeping a list, so if you have suggestions, send them my way! 🙂

There was more, but I’ve since forgotten.