Located on Broadway near Barry, and with a great fist jutting from the building (clutching silverware, of course) – Stella’s seems a bit like a cartoon diner come to life.  I half expect that pretty guy from the A-Ha video to come climbing out of a newspaper to buy me a cup of coffee and sweep me off my feet with his feathered hair and pencil-lead jacket.  (shut up, that guy was hot)

Sure, there’s no place to stand if you have to wait for a table, and on a Sunday afternoon the SUV stroller brigade will sooner run you down than look at you – but if you can get past that it’s totally worth it.  Thankfully, our wait wasn’t too long and we were only minorly squashed by a stroller with wheels that rivaled my dad’s Expedition tires in size – so we got to sit an enjoy a tasty brunch at Stella’s a few Sundays ago.

Besides the decor, the other thing I really enjoyed about Stella’s was the service.  It was busy in there (it was Sunday brunchtime after all) but our server was totally pleasant, and made it clear that she really liked her job, and that our order was a priority.  She made suggestions about the menu, joined in the general teasing when I couldn’t make a decision to save my soul, and checked back with us frequently, but not so often as to become totally annoying.  I wish I’d thought to get her name to include it in here, but I wasn’t smart enough.  I’ve only been to Stella’s three times, but I’ve never had a bad experience with the service.  I think they got really lucky (or really smart) in hiring people who really like what they do, or at least are really good at pretending that they do.

But Rachel! you may be saying… what about the FOOD!  After all, it’s the food that matters on a Diner Tour!  (well okay, it isn’t just the food that matters – but it HELPS).  And the food is good!  Pretty much just your typical diner/family restaurant menu – everything is good, nothing is bad (that I’ve had so far) and there are a few stand out items.  My dad is a big fan of the stuffed french toast, and I LOVE the chicken-apple sausage.  I’ve heard really good things about the desserts, too – but have yet to be able to eat dessert after stuffing my face with their breakfast food.  One of these days I’ll have to go for dessert only.

Overall, I’d say make sure you check out Stella’s.  They’re not 24 hours (boo) but it is a great place for a Sunday brunch (or a Saturday afternoon breakfast snack).  Plus it looks really cute and fun inside, and the neighborhood is great for people watching.  All bonuses in my book.


I believe next up will be Diner Grill – if you’re interested in joining me – let me know!