When is a diner not a diner? When it’s Glenn’s Diner on Montrose! 🙂  Second stop of the tour was at Glenn’s, which came highly recommended by the internet at large.  And I can see why – TASTY.

We sat at the counter, which isn’t your typical diner counter, as that there are no grills behind the diner.  Instead you get a great close up view of the wall o’ cereal.  And seriously? Not much rules harder than a wall of cereal.  Sure, they have great seafood – but SCREW THAT. I wanted a bowl of half lucky charms and half cocoa krispies.  So that’s what I got.  And a cobb salad.  But really it was about the cereal.

Nick got the lobster fettuccine alfredo,  which he said was pretty darn good also.

What I really like, though, was the atmosphere.  Holy crap everybody was friendly.  It didn’t hurt that our server totally reminded me of Jack Black, so I instantly liked him – but everybody that we talked to (or talked to us) made us feel right at home right away.  Sure, we also bonded in everybody giving me crap about sorta rooting for Canada to win the hockey game… but still! They were super nice and fun.

While not a diner in the most traditional of the diner sense – I can see why people like this place.  A bit pricey (course, we DID order something with lobster) and not the closest place to my apartment, but I can certainly see myself going back.

I mean, where else can you get a bowl of half and half cereal? (without having to have cereal in your house, I mean)