Right now I’m on a diet. And it’s one of those where I can’t have soda, or candy, or energy drinks… and need to watch the calories of what I eat. Yup, I’ve become a calorie counter. So first a big apology to all of my friends, because I know that it’s totally annoying to be around me when I have to figure out what I can or cannot eat.


I’ve discovered something.  If you watch what you eat, you can have quite a meal for not a lot of calorie count.  For example, today’s breakfast cost me 268 calories.  which is 19% of my total for today.  And i got to eat: 7 carrot sticks, 4 celery sticks, key lime flavored yogurt, a glass of v8, french onion cheese spread, salsa, and a babybel cheese.    And to be honest, halfway through eating it I’m already full.  I’m also drinking all kinds of water – both plain old smartwater (and regular water) and also the vitaminwater zero.  i miss soda, sure… but this might be fun.

so we’ll see.

and really, sorry for what’s probably going to be super annoying counting from me for a while. 🙂