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So, tomorrow is my next training session. scary and fun!  i haven’t had a chance to make it to the gym again yet this week – class wore me out tuesday and then I went out to dinner last night for a bday thing and didn’t feel very well afterwards so i didn’t think that running or working out right after was a great idea.  but maybe i’ll get there tonight after class!

however – i HAVE been doing better on the ‘no bad snacks at my desk and no sodas’ bit.  instead of my usual 87 mt dews i’ve had a couple of “Xenergy Xtreme” drinks.  I’m not entirely convinced that’s better than no sodas – but there’s no calories and no sugar so it can’t be ALL that bad, right? (right?)  also I haven’t been sitting around at work eating cheezits and snickers bars all day either.  so that’s a bonus I guess.  I’m totally stressed out right now (not entirely sure why, just woke up all ball-o-stressy) and i’m totally craving a snickers bar and a mt dew… but so far today i’ve been good. we’ll see how that lasts.

ALSO! OMG I got a new phone.  I got a nexus one.  it RULES.  it rules so hard i cannot even hardly stand it.  maybe this weekend I’ll take some fun pictures of and with it.

aaand.. that’s about it.  I have more ass shoes (yay) coming and i got some other workout clothes so that when i go to the gym i don’t feel icky.  baby steps, right?