So today I broke out the pink notebook, aptly named “the diner diary” and headed out with Nick to try to the first stop of the Diner Tour, the Salt & Pepper Diner.  Located at 3537 N Clark St – it’s just a short walk from the house, so it seemed like a great place to start.  Granted, for a long time I thought it was called “EAT”, cuz, you know, of the big old sign out front. 🙂

My review from Yelp:

Stopped in at the Salt & Pepper Diner today as part of my big plan to hit every diner in Chicago.  It was a great first stop!

I always thought that the name of the place was EAT, due to the big sign out front.  LOVE the sign. Also a big fan of the decor inside.  Looks like a diner should look, in my opinion.

We headed for the counter, despite a few open tables at 11am on a Saturday – I really like to watch the activity behind the counter.  This trip was no exception – the cooks were having a great time, enjoying themselves, getting the food out with a smile, and commenting on the curling (yay, curling on tv!)

And now for the food:  I had the biscuits and gravy – nice and peppery just the way I like it.  Also a side of corned beef hash, which was good but seemed kind of mushy.  We also had the steak n eggs (rare), hash browns, and an english muffin.  Overall, the food was good, but not spectacular. But I like good, so that’s just fine by me.

Our server came by often enough to be helpful, but not so often that we felt rushed, which is great when you’re really enjoying the conversation and such.

Overall I’d say that the food was a solid 3.5 and the service was a 4.  We had a good time, and will most definitely come back again.

Not sure which one is next, probably either Diner Grill or Glenn’s.  Looking forward to it! 🙂