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I love food. Waaaayyy too much, but there you have it.  But nearly as much as I love food, I also really like the experience of getting to eat said food.  There’s something just extra fun about finding a really great lil’ diner someplace. Diner food is AWESOME and I’m a huge fan.  The Food Network totally feeds my addiction, too .. with kickass Guy Fieri and his triple-D show. Man, one day I’d totally like to just make a list of everywhere he’s been and go there.

But before I do that, I figure I’ll try it out a bit closer to home.  With the help of the search filters and the ‘Diners’ category on Yelp.com, I am going to find every diner in Chicago.  Or at least, the ones that are listed and reviewed on Yelp.  Or if you guys have any suggestions for diners that aren’t on the list, let me know, I’m open to just about anything.  The list that I’m going to work off of to start with is here:  http://www.yelp.com/search?find_loc=Chicago%2C+IL&cflt=diners

The unfiltered list has 98 diners listed, but there are a few repeats, and Dennys is on that list, and I haven’t decided yet if Dennys counts as a diner.  Normally I’d automatically exclude any chains, but I don’t want to exclude Golden Nugget, and there are two of those, so, is that a chain?  Ick. Rules.  Rules are for jerks.*

*note: I don’t ACTUALLY think rules are for jerks. not always anyway.


I suppose I should try to figure out a way to work through this list.  The easiest way I can figure is to filter it by neighborhood, and go from there.  And because I can, I’ll start with Lakeview.  Yelp says there are seven diners in Lakeview:

I’m going to start with the Salt & Pepper Diner because I know just where it is and I’ve had my eye on trying it for some time now.  They’re only open until 10pm on weekdays, though, so I guess I’ll just get started this weekend.

The other diners on the list are:

Diner Grill
Glenn’s Diner
Stella’s Diner
Golden Apple Restaurant

If anybody wants to join me at any of these, just let me know and we’ll make a party of it.  Also, I’ll post my reviews of each diner both here and on Yelp.com (are we Yelp friends? we should be – RachelR1977.yelp.com) for your amusement.

So the first trip will be to the Salt & Pepper Diner – located at 3537 N Clark.  I figure Saturday brunch, if anybody is interested.  Average Yelp rating looks like about 3.5 stars.  I guess we’ll see how it measures up… but the important part is that it’s a DINER.. and who doesn’t love a good diner?? 🙂