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I know, I know – I go on and on about how I need to finally really buckle down and get a steady theme going on this blog thingamajig.  And then I’ll rocksteady with it for a while, and then lose focus again.  Seems to be just the way I roll with it, yeah?  Well, I’m back on my “I need to get some direction with this thing!” kick – I guess we’ll see how long it lasts.  I hate to blame things on my stupid ADD – but I really think that this is one of the side effects. Dunno.

So, what to write about these days?  Well, what am I interested in? What am I doing?  Let’s make a list, shall we?

  • School
    • Statistics
      • this class is pretty fun, we have homework and do things in SPSS, but really it’s just, you know, a math class
    • Systems Analysis and Design
      • I have a project in this class, which is to work with two other people in my class (sweet jesus above i HATE HATE HATE group projects with the fire of a thousand suns) and review a fictional video store and propose a new set of systems for data, order entry, and reporting. this project includes a charter, scope (and non-scope), ROI analysis, etc.  Actually kind of fun, but totally time-consuming.
  • Work
    • Chat project – Support
      • I have to put together some predictive analysis on a current chat project – should be interesting, but really just a lot of educated guess work. It’s also on the list of crap I have to get done this weekend.
    • Chat project – not in Support
      • this hasn’t started yet, but I’m sort of looking forward to it just because I think it’ll be like the summer of ’08 which was superfun
    • Stupid corporate politics and junk
      • Apparently I work in a catty 7th grade full of petty girls who smack talk behind other people’s backs and teachers who play favorites and make things worse.  who knew?  I’d rant on and on about it but it’s just silly – my big thing now is to simply try to get along and not let it interfere with how I do my job. And for the record? I do my job very, very well.
  • Apartment Stuff
    • I used to really get along with my roommates (aside from some minor issues) but now I just don’t talk to them much any more.  Probably because I’ve decided that I’m moving when my lease is up.
    • I’m totally looking for a new place this summer. I want to find a cute little studio or 1BR in Lincoln Park or Lakeview.  I don’t take up much room, so that should be fun.  I’m actually really looking forward to apartment hunting this time around, probably because it isn’t going to be all last minute and whatnot.
  • Job Hunting
    • Yeah, I’m totally job hunting again.  So, if you guys know of anybody who needs somebody with years of customer service and internet support and management experience – let me know! I also type really fast and make a great pot of tea!
  • Crafting
    • Currently I’m not working on any knitting projects because I’m SUPPOSED to be working on my costume(s) for C2E2.  I really need to get on that.  I have the patterns and muslin to do the mockup – that’s on my list for when I finish my stuff this weekend, if I have time left over. We’ll see.
  • Music
    • I’m always on the lookout for new bands to listen to.  Lately I haven’t been going to any shows, but mostly because I haven’t been in the loop enough these days to know who is coming in enough time to do anything about it.
  • Random stuff I like
    • Tattoos
      • I have a pirate tattoo, two dragonflies, a butterfly, a bug-n-flower design, and the newest one is a trio of DC lady-vilians.
      • But of course I want MORE 🙂
    • Comics
      • mostly I read DC titles, but I’m totally behind in all of my reading. Horribly so. Terribly so. Note to self: must get caught up on that. Sharpish.
    • Movies
      • who doesn’t love movies? the Nazis, that’s who.  Which is actually a bunch of crap because if Inglourious Basterds taught us anything, it was that Nazis love their movies. So, maybe it’s the communists who don’t like movies? Whatever, movies are awesome. Except for Avatar. I refuse to see that on principle.
    • Candy
    • Socks
    • Energy drinks
    • Video games!
      • both oldschool and non-oldschool.  And yes, I signed back up for WoW. yeah yeah yeah, I know. WHY?? What can I say? I’m cyclical.

So that’s the breakdown, really, of things that are going on right now.  That’s of course leaving out any family stuff or the current emo dramarama I’m having in my own circle of friends (I’m whiny as of late because I feel like one of my friends is ignoring me and I’m annoyed and on one hand would just like to stop being friends with him because he’s too busy to be friends but he’s interesting damnit and that’s what sucks. Just ignore all of that, it’ll go away) but really just the big list of stuff that I can (and do) talk about.

You would think with this big wall ol’ text, that I would think of some general direction in which to take this here blog … maybe it’s just today with my big to-do list looming that is keeping me from really being able to focus… but, I NEED FOCUS.  And apparently I need some help.

So I’m asking you, internets – for some help.  What would you find interesting to read about? Inquiring minds want to know!