So today is the anniversary of my birth. Holy crap.  33 years.  Me n Jesus….  Dunno. I don’t really feel old. I don’t feel 33. Course, I’m not really sure what 33 is supposed to feel like, either.  I mean, I suppose I should be at the point in my life where I own a home, am married, have a car, am settled in my job, etc etc etc… and I’m really not.  Maybe i’m supposed to feel bad about that – but i don’t.

I’m actually pretty okay with how/where i am right now.  Which is pretty cool.  Working, going to school, having a good circle of friends, getting along with my family.. it’s all pretty not terrible at the moment.  And I can SO live with that. 🙂

so, happy birthday to me.

Also – happy birthday to ORLANDO BLOOM.  He’s my twin .. he’s 33 today too 🙂

ALSO – wanna come celebrate how old I am? totally having a party on Friday at Uncle Fattys… come by n play! 🙂