yeah, I totally dropped the ball yesterday and didn’t post anything.  whoops. but I did have fun last night going to the taping of  episode 75 of the Nerd City podcast… and then headed to the GAP and ended up with with the BEST DEAL EVER on a skirt and sweater (like I need more skirt/sweater combos) 🙂

today though, I’m just annoyed.  I have a cold (i don’t have a cold, i REFUSE TO HAVE A COLD.. only, I kinda have a cold) and i’m tired and achey and tired and have class tonight.  and while I LOVE my class.. i’m just not in the mood.

Supposedly there will be TACO BELL (yay) after class tonight, but dunno … my partner in crime for taco bell adventures is not answering text messages.

also, stupid and annoying people annoy me.