Like 98.9% of all Americans, I am full-on addicted to Law & Order.  Usually it’s a toss-up between SVU and Criminal Intent.  Criminal Intent gets a leg up most of the time, though, because of your hero and mine… the Edgar suit!

Wait… you don’t know who the Edgar suit is?  Well, first, SHAME ON YOU.  And second – perhaps you know him better as Thor?

everybody loves Thor!

Still haven’t figured it out?  The Edgar suit is your pal and mine, Vincent D’Onofrio. I mean, come on – who wouldn’t love him?

On Law & Order: Criminal Intent, he plays Detective Robert Goren.  Sometimes referred to as Bobby.  He kinda looks like a Bobby, yeah?


I love Goren cuz goddamn, the man knows everything.  Seriously he does that fun little head-tilt and all of a sudden knows exactly what happened.  I could use more Bobby in my life sometimes. 🙂  He kind of reminds me of Dr. House, only, you know – without the drugs and the lingering “when will he make out with Wilson” undertones.

Sure it might drive some people crazy, that he always figures it out – but I think that’s what I like the best.  That there’s somebody out there that will be able to figure out pretty much anything.  I find that to be totally awesome.

and I really like things when they are totally awesome. 🙂