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Wilfred Mott: [looking at the night sky] … one day; 100 years time we’ll be striding out amongst the stars. Dueling about with all them aliens. Just you wait.
Donna Noble: [smiling] You really believe in all that stuff, don’t you?
Wilfred Mott: [chuckles] All over the place these days. If I wait here long enough…
Donna Noble: I don’t suppose you’ve seen a little blue box?
Wilfred Mott: Is that slang for something?
Donna Noble: [laughs] No. I mean it. If you ever see a little blue box fly up there in the sky, you shout for me Gramps. Oh you just shout.

(taken from IMDB.com memorable quotes section)

Seriously I love to watch Doctor Who.  But I guess I’m a newbie fan, because I only started watching last year, and I’ve only seen the episodes from 2005 on.  And honestly, I have no desire to go back and watch the old series either.  I mean, maybe eventually if I get really bored – but I like the new ones, and don’t really care if I (n)ever see the older episodes.

That being said – I seriously HATE that the episodes don’t air immediately on BBCAmerica.  Damn you England/America tv relations! I’m sure this is your fault.  Of course, the new thing where they air the specials just a couple of days afterwards IS kind of cool (although who has the patience to wait for that? Certainly not me).

Nick says that my liking Doctor Who is the “NERDIEST THING EVER.”  Which, coming from the guy who is our Guild Leader on WoW, likes Bizarro, and has read pretty much every single Brian Lumley book ever… seems to be saying A LOT.  But I can live with that.  Can’t help it – I LOVE DOCTOR WHO.  Also, I love David Tennant…. he’s just DREAMY.  (and now he’s GONE.. which sucks – but more on that in a bit)

I mean - come ON! adorable!

I also love Donna Noble.  Seriously she was my most favorite companion ever.  I got so tired of the Rose drama. And then the whole slew of companions that just wanted to jump into the Doctor’s pants? Lame.  Did every female feel the need to slobber all over him and fall in love immediately in every single episode? (okay, he’s dreamy, and I’ll say that here – but who wants to see that over and over again? Especially when it’s not ME) 🙂  I liked Donna because she was just like, a pal. She was sassy and obnoxious and smart and funny and awesome.  Even when her brain was going to probably explode, she was still fantastic. Also, she reminds me of me (shocking, I know) so I love her all that much more. 🙂

Donna and Dreamy McDreamypants

see? she's awesome!

But yeah – with the End of Time finale we find out that Season Five brings us a new doctor – Matt Smith.  And HOLY CRAP. This guy is 12. TWELVE. Seriously.  Don’t believe me? LOOK!

Now granted – I wasn’t super happy when DT came in to replace CE – I think it took me three episodes before I stopped bitching and jumped on the OMGILOVEDAVID bandwagon… and I’m certainly not saying I won’t do that again… but… well, it’s just still new I guess.

I'm just not sold, not yet anyway

So I guess we’ll see!  In the meantime – anybody want to buy me some Doctor Who seasons from Amazon.com?

(and yeah I know - she's Catherine Tate,
not Donna Noble. But I like to refer to
her as Donna.) :)

also - this logo rules! when did they start using it?