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With a new year comes a new quarter…. as you may have gathered I’m back in school (still) at DePaul in the SNL program – getting my BAC.  This quarter I’m taking two classes – Data Analysis / Statistics (Tuesdays) and Systems Analysis and Design (Thursdays).  Should be fun.  Also, I’m finally getting started on making my costume for C2E2 – 2 of them actually.

The first will be based on this:

The second will be based on the outfit that the blond is wearing:

I realize that i don’t have a LOT Of time to get these done – but I’m hoping to have at least one done.  C2E2 is in April, which gives me a few months to work some crafty magic.  So we’ll see!  the other thing I need to work on is the accessories.  Thankfully I believe that I found a good source for gears – turns out that a friend of my mother’s back home in Crown Point has a basement full of clocks and things that he restores.  He gave me a huge clock motor at Thanksgiving (yay!) and mentioned that he might have more that i could get from him.  So I’ll have to send her that way later this month to see what he wants for a box full of parts 🙂 Then I can make my gear dragonfly necklace.  Which will RULE.

So that’s about it – that’s what I’m doing these days.  Oh! and the tattoo update:  I have an appointment at Deluxe Tattoo on Friday 1/15 at noon (pending approval of the final design – he had to redraw it to lose some of the detail) … wanna come hang out? it’ll be about a 2 hour appointment. 🙂