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I’ve been bellyaching about how it’s time for me to get a new tattoo for some time now.  I finally decided on a final design start – going to head over to Atmosphere Body Art (if it’s still called that) to see if Tim is going to be able to do something with my idea.  Tim Hanan did the Rufio tattoo on our friend @mandiipants (you may know her – she’s the cutiepie bartender at Risque Cafe).  So we’ll see.  What I want is to get it done for my birthday (not on my birthday) and have it done on Friday 1/15.  SO we’ll see.

Here’s what I’m starting with:  (also, yeah, I cruised the web to find these images – I totally cannot draw, but I liked these)

The three girls are going to be up at the top (the bottom images are the starters) – what I want to eventually include in as background would be chicago as gotham city… with both the bat signal and the chicago city flag.   but that’s for after I get the girls finished.

sounds fun, yeah? 🙂


Well damn.  Just called the number listed for the tattoo shop and the number is disconnected.  Time to find another artist.  So help me, internet land – where should I go to get this done?  I’d prefer to stay in the lakeview area if possible… and I really did want to get it done on the 15th if I could.  What do you guys think?